Doubleday buys THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME (Donald Ray Pollock)

I finally! finished my novel, The Devil All the Time, and it sold to Doubleday a couple weeks ago. What a relief. Not sure yet about a pub date, but probably looking at early fall, 2011.
The description of the novel taken from a recent Publisher’s Lunch entry is as follows: THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, set in the 1950s and 1960s, centers on the convergent lives of a tough but morally-upright young man from Ohio, a pair of serial killers who prey on hitchhikers, and an itinerant, spider-handling preacher and his crippled guitar virtuoso accompanist.

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  1. Looking forward to buying Donald’s “The Devil All The Time.” Once you have read him, you long for the poetic French epee sword of his descriptions. This guy is connected to the Cosmic Heart of Blessed Writers. thanks.

  2. I laid in the bed sick for two days and read the book (The Devil All the Time) cover to cover. It was gripping. The writing is fantastic. This man is a fine writer and these characters are vivid and alive, crawling out of the page as real as those spiders that crawled across the evangelist’s head.

  3. Truly a really great read! Excellent storytelling! Loved it!

    Lee Bodecker was married to Florence –
    Willard Russell was married to Charlotte –
    page 156: why would Lee want to buy dead Charlotte a car?

    (same as when you’re lost in a tune and then it skips, it just sucks)

    Thanks for writing something so very entertaining, though.

    Give me more …


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